Singing & Piano Lessons

Glenda Ruddenklau


(Yes – in case you are confused about music teaching in a bodywork web-site, I am a music teacher as well as a craniosacral therapist!)

Teaching in OAMARU and PAPAMOA BEACHretiring 2022
021 386 823


Advanced Harmony and Counterpoint Course
, Dept of University Extension, Otago University

Associate of Trinity College, London
(A.T.C.L.) – diploma in Piano Performance

Licenciate of Trinity College, London (L.T.C.L.):
Diplomas in both Singing Performance and Singing Teaching and Theory diplomas at that level.

National Certificate in Adult Teaching (NZQA)

Certified CranioSacral Therapist with the Upledger Institute, Florida, USA


Over 45 years teaching piano and theory, entering students into Trinity College and Royal Schools examinations and performing arts competitions.

Over 35 years teaching singing; also entering students in exams and competitions.

5 years as a lecturer in computer/business studies at Aoraki Polytechnic. The computer skills from here have proved invaluable in my music studio.

Professional Development

I regularly attend regional and national registered music teachers’ seminars.

These excellent events are a wonderful way to keep up with new information, and technology, and many world class performers, teachers and educationalists – local and international – give lectures, masterclasses and performances.

I also attend the New Zealand Association of Singing Teachers (NEWZATS) seminars and masterclasses.

The universities and overseas sister organisations of singing teachers have a large input in the content of these events keeping members up-to-date with all the latest teaching techniques and information. Again high-profile and successful overseas singers teach and perform at these seminars, sharing their knowledge, for us to pass on to our pupils. They are a source of considerable inspiration, and an opportunity to network with other teachers.

I consider regularly attending these seminars an important component in my teaching.


I enjoy teaching students, and also building up their confidence. The student’s enjoyment of the music lesson is a priority for me. I find it a privilege to open up student’s minds – and voices, and hands! – to the amazing world of music.

My music teaching room is a large, airy room well set-up with a conventional piano, keyboard, Clavinova, a studio recording system – essential for singing students – and general digital technology. Staying up-to-date with technology is on-going, and necessary in today’s music teaching environment.

As from 2018, I am teaching adults only, from Grade 6 and above. Adults returning to their musical journey find a lot of pleasure, it is great for the mind and opens a lot of doors for them. It is literally never too late. Many benefits become evident, including for singers an improvement in respiratory health and improved strength.

Of course exciting research shows how valuable pursuing learning of a musical instrument, or singing, is for keeping the brain active and healthy and encouraging neuro-plasticity, integrating left and right brain co-ordination and development, improving motor skills, and developing confidence and quality of life in general.